Feed Your Retreat

The magic which is created in those special microcosms of retreats and workshops is just amazing. I am here to support you, as a spaceholder, and your participants in their inner processes on the culinary level. Introspection, reflection, connection to oneself and the other participants, physical activity and more give, but also demand a lot of energy which needs to be refilled in the right way. Food is such an important component of it.

When everything in your system slows down and decelerates, it also reopens your perception that eating is so much more than just plain food-intake. For example, during a meal in complete silence, all the senses are heightened and tastes are perceived in a more differentiated way, people automatically eat more slowly and also in more inner peace and awareness. The love that went into the dishes while cooking can actually be tasted and the feeling of satiety is more actively perceived. At the same time we might realize how much eating is also a social event. 
Food is so many things and it really fulfills me deeply to see and feel how much my dishes accompany and support the participants in their very individual and personal processes. Giving and receiving on all levels.
I provide your event with regional and seasonal products but I also like to lighten up the whole thing with some exotic delicacies if desired. My creations are vegan or vegetarian, optional sugar- and/or gluten-free, with elements from TCM and Ayurveda and a lot of love and devotion!

Contact me to discuss the details!