Get to know me a bit…

My name is Laura, I am 32 years young and live in Innsbruck, Austria since 2018. I am very happy to finally be able to unite some of my passions in my work - cooking, womenswork, children, save spaces, caring for others and being on the road.
It simply fulfills me to care for people on various levels and to accompany them in their processes. I have already been able to make my contribution in caring for and accompanying people with love and devotion in my professions as a chef as well as a certified elementary teacher in family groups and a newly founded daycare for toddlers.
Over the last few years my very own journey into womanhood has led me more and more to myself and now I am at the point where I get to combine all these passions and topics dear to my heart in my own professional way. Women, children, food. What’s more basic? My heart lights up!
Growing up with a self-sufficient garden and a few farmers within my family, handling food from sowing to pulling, harvesting to processing all parts, preserving and of course enjoying it while eating was the most normal thing in the world for me. During my education for being a chef, I was particularly enthusiastic about working with larger quantities in a well-organized and proactive manner. Over the years, I have contributed to various kitchens, including a retirement home, a luxury hotel, a mountain hut at 2000m altitude, a lunch table in a cultural association, a cooperative against food waste, a social business café, a spiritual community with 700 people to feed, festivals,…
My own diet has always been pretty clean and of course always freshly cooked. The last 7 years i was mainly vegan but always listening to my body's needs and changes. During this journey I have been able to integrate many new perspectives and learnings personally as well as professionally - but the most important thing was that eating should always be fun and something truly enjoyable, never something occupied with stress or even punishment towards our own or others bodies. I also find the holistic teachings of TCM and Ayurveda to be extremely captivating and they find their way more and more into my own knowledge and work. 
Children have always held an incredible fascination for me. In my 6 years as a kindergarden teacher in Vienna, besides to the loving presence and accompaniment of the children and the challenges of setting up a new daycare, I was able to experience first-hand, how much the mother's condition affects that of the child - especially in terms of bonding behavior. So to me it’s pretty obvious that a relaxed mother equals relaxed child with trust in life and themself. As with so many things, the foundation is laid very early. As you can imagine - i also loved cooking with them. 
Living in a female body
During the last few years I was diving deep into the means of womanhood, femininity, fertility as well as my own desire to have children - a topic which, due to my own medical history, already entered my life before puberty and kept me quite stressed out for a long time.
As a participant of numerous retreats, workshops and seminars, I know about the magic of these microcosms and how important not only the spiritual, but also the physical and culinary component of recovery and recharging is. By chance, a collaboration arose in which I took over the cooking and experienced a joy during work that I had not known before. I really wanted follow that new found spark!
I look forward to our getting to know, connecting, supporting and whatever may arise and grow from it!